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Waiting for Superman.

“The way she smiles.”

I want someone to notice that. Not my cleavage. Not my mini skirt. I don’t want to judge them in the same, degrading way. Muscles, jawline, attire. I walk into a club and I see faces…bodies…so disconnected.

Everyone judges the surface. I believe I have more below the surface to offer and so do most. I can’t stand the thought of wanting to meet someone based solely on their looks. I want to know more…

When you were 5, who was your biggest inspiration? When you fall asleep at night, what’s the last thing you think about? Do you bike, ski, run? Are you Conservative or Liberal? Happy or sad? Where are you in your life right now? Do you say you are a truthful person? How many glasses of water do you drink a day? I bet you forget to floss daily.

And I want them to know more about me…

My biggest inspiration were my parents. I constantly think about my future before I shut my eyes. I play soccer, I dance unprofessionally in my room and shower, and I’m open to doing more. Neither, NDP all the way. Happy, most of the time. I’m not quite sure where life will take me, but I’m sure of myself so that’s ok. I lie, but I know my limits – I am truthful to those I care about. I don’t count, but I probably should. Hey. You’re not my dentist…are you?

I make it sound so easy. But it’s not. It’s much easier to see a face and make assumptions. To settle for not knowing. If the world were blind, maybe we would learn to appreciate the meaning of words. Maybe we’d strike up a few extra conversations throughout our day. Listen to our bodies, accept our feelings, and love with our hearts.

In a world filled with disconnect, we find ourselves waiting for our hero. True…I’m waiting for my superman.

…But I hope I have the strength and courage to stop waiting and be a hero myself.




I want to be beautiful.

I want to be beautiful.

We have needs: shelter, food, water, security. We have wants: new truck, big house, lots of money. And then we have desires. Qualities of ourselves we wish to have or achieve at some point during our lives.

I want to be beautiful.

A desire common to the majority. But before you can say you want to be beautiful, what is the definition of beautiful? Who’s to say what person is more beautiful than another? What qualities of beauty are necessary for one to acquire? Is beauty a physical trait, or maybe emotional or spiritual, or anything else you may suggest?

I want to be beautiful.

You keep repeating it like you know the answer. You can say the phrase over and over, but you literally cannot define what beauty really is, simply for the fact that you can’t even see it within yourself already. Shame on you. You want to be beautiful? Start with what’s already beautiful, and build from there.

I am beautiful.

Good. You’re not a blank canvas. As you grew, so did your body and mind. You have qualities that distinguish you from the rest, and those may be beautiful. Can you see it now? Your long eyelashes from your mother, your dimples from your father. The bounce in your step you’ve always had, your energetic personality that brings the crowd together. You see it now? Great. Now, think about those little things you do that you think are not so beautiful. How about your bitchy attitude towards your parents when you don’t get your way. Or simply the number of cowlicks in your hair that causes plenty of bad hair days? Ok. So we all have our flaws. But lets just believe that the beautiful traits outweigh the bad ones and that we all start with beauty.

I want to be beautiful.

You’ve reflected on your beautiful qualities, and your not so beautiful ones. However, you still say the same phrase, still say you want to be beautiful. You can respect that there are beautiful traits about you. Yet you want more. Fair enough. The next question then must be, what can you do to make yourself more beautiful. Well it’s actually simple. Just live. Live life by your morals, your standards, do good and do bad, experience things. Because, as you can see from the picture quote posted in this blog, that you are beautiful not just from your personality and physical attributes, but your experience, your sensitivity, your understanding of the world. It’s time to look beyond the mirror and the makeup and the compliments from the opposite sex. It’s time to look at yourself and say

I am beautiful.

Because you start beautiful, you continue to be beautiful, and when your ending arrives, you will rest in beauty and peace. You can’t quantify beauty at each stage, you just have to choose to show your beautiful traits more than your not so beautiful ones to ensure you are seen as the person you want to be.

It’s not about knowing you’re beautiful, but more so being so caught up in life that you have no time to worry about being beautiful. Only then will your beauty shine. And people will notice.