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Well, it’s mid-summer now and I’ve got a few more crafting endeavors done!

Although the sun is blazing and I won’t be able to use my “creation” for some time, I did manage to make myself a neat-o looking infinity scarf! No sewing and cost me very little to make.

I used an old green sweater I found at the thrift store. I’ve made infinity scarves from old sweaters before, and the materials vary. All based on personal preference! Love the colour green, so I grabbed the sweater, and cut off the top of it (removed the neck hole and sleeves). Voila! There’s the basis of the infinity scarf.

Then, I found a lace bow that I had from a necklace I got with a shirt, and disliked (at least the shirt was cute!). It had a safety pin on the back already, so I just pinned it onto the scarf! To add a little more effort to this almost effortless DIY project, I found a button from a sweater. Y’know when you get that replacement button with your clothes? Yeah it was one of those lingering buttons you forget about and they reappear when you don’t need them, and hide when you do.

I just hand-sewed that button on super quick! Black thread and a needle was all it took. Pretty rough job but no one can see it!

And that my friends, is my scarf how-to. Super easy to make, super cute to wear, and totally green! The thrift stores could make a fortune if they took those sweaters they never sell and make scarves instead! They could even one-up me and sew the rough edge that was cut with scissors, just to spruce it all up!

So I hope you all get inspired to be lazy like me and do simple crafts this summer! Who needs to sew a quilt or build a deck when you can make these??

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Craft, craft, craft!

I am a pinterest fanatic through and through. I spend hours searching through “hair and beauty” and ” DIY and crafts”…and of course all of the other categories.

However, as a student, finding time to DIY can be tough. But now that I’m home for the summer, I’ve been planning a few things to make! Super stoked!

I’ve already hand-sewed some hair bows from fabric of an old skirt my roommate at university just about threw out! They’re super quick and easy, and will be a great addition to my braids this summer, and great gifts for my niece.

I also hope to make some pallet coasters, basically mini pallets that you use for your drinks! They’d be awesome for an outside table in the summer. Also, I’d love to sew my own maxi skirt. I don’t really sew, but I’m going to try!

I’m not that cheap. I can be frugal, but I still retain somewhat expensive tastes. However, I do believe being cheap on some things is a must, especially so you can splurge on others! Pinterest has saved my life a few times, from how to fix a broken zipper, to how to clean certain stains off silk. It might be considered an addiction, but hey, I’d rather be addicted to a website than drugs.

Happy crafting to all those in the same position as I! Time to bring out the glue gun!