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Old Hollywood.

Every girl loves to play dress-up, no matter how young or old. I got my turn this Friday, with an Old Hollywood themed Semi-Formal Dance.

John Frieda’s Retro hair video on youtube saved my life, and my roommate let me borrow some big, dazzly stud earrings. My dress was deep red, purchased a few years back from Le Chateau. Great investment.

Getting ready was relatively easy. Winged eyeliner, lipstick, hair curled and pinned to one side, and throw on the attire. But half of my night was about getting ready. Why?!

Girls have this thing: getting ready for outings is some of the funnest things to do, ever. Especially with lots of other girls, an assortment of every kind of clothing and accessory, with the promise that boys will be lurking in the event space later on to compliment your sex appeal.

However, having a boyfriend, I have a different approach. I get ready avec him and other guy friends most of the time. So they go predrink, while I curl and clip. Don’t get me wrong, I love drinking with my boys. But I’ve come to realize one thing they don’t understand…I can’t really drink until after I apply the eye makeup, unless I wanna look like Ronald McDonald. So for all you guys out there, leave the bitch be until her eyes are done. THEN we shall predrink. And to all the girls with boyfriends, getting ready surrounded by him and his guy friends, just tell him to bring his gay friend next time and maybe he can grab those stray pieces of hair for you to curl on the back of your head. That shit is impossible to find!

Keeping it retro,