His eyes hiding behind them.

So many truths untold, until one day, when you can finally hear them. You have heard, learned, been taught. Now you talk, teach, play this role. You never thought this would happen. A conversation unlike any other.

Glasses, like windows. Hiding behind the curtains. Hiding. Hidden thoughts. Texts. Dreams. Indulge, but not for very long. The cat walks across the lawn, the lights are dim, the days, short. Ocean, across. Light, image


You don’t learn a good lesson without truth, mystery, frustrations, challenges. Your mind may wander aimlessly for hours, days, weeks…until one speaks what you need to hear. But you would have never known.

Glasses and stubble. 5 o’clock shadow. Shadowed. Smiling. Beauty. Behold the beauty of innocence, strength, fear, riches, moments. Wood burning, music playing. Dancing minds, racing hearts. Stop.

The night clears. The air thickens. Moisture. Humidity. Humility. Laughter. Essence of truth, caked on desires. Hopefulness. Lesson learned. Gazes meet, words expressed, but not the right ones. No time. No time for more. Home.


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