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Old Hollywood.

Every girl loves to play dress-up, no matter how young or old. I got my turn this Friday, with an Old Hollywood themed Semi-Formal Dance.

John Frieda’s Retro hair video on youtube saved my life, and my roommate let me borrow some big, dazzly stud earrings. My dress was deep red, purchased a few years back from Le Chateau. Great investment.

Getting ready was relatively easy. Winged eyeliner, lipstick, hair curled and pinned to one side, and throw on the attire. But half of my night was about getting ready. Why?!

Girls have this thing: getting ready for outings is some of the funnest things to do, ever. Especially with lots of other girls, an assortment of every kind of clothing and accessory, with the promise that boys will be lurking in the event space later on to compliment your sex appeal.

However, having a boyfriend, I have a different approach. I get ready avec him and other guy friends most of the time. So they go predrink, while I curl and clip. Don’t get me wrong, I love drinking with my boys. But I’ve come to realize one thing they don’t understand…I can’t really drink until after I apply the eye makeup, unless I wanna look like Ronald McDonald. So for all you guys out there, leave the bitch be until her eyes are done. THEN we shall predrink. And to all the girls with boyfriends, getting ready surrounded by him and his guy friends, just tell him to bring his gay friend next time and maybe he can grab those stray pieces of hair for you to curl on the back of your head. That shit is impossible to find!

Keeping it retro,




A Holistic Approach.

Be free. Ecohealth. New thing, as of the 1990’s. Focusing efforts towards sustainability, rather than immediate development, the avoidance of using resources quickly or inadequately. Gathering opinions from many realms to form new strategies, create solutions – an ecosystem approach to health.

I’m taking a Ecohealth course this semester. Also, I’m hoping to work with my professor on the related topic as my honours project…so I need to do well. I’ve got to stress to impress…to make sure I get the readings and assignments done to par, or better yet, to exceed requirements. If you happened to know me prior to reading this, you would know I’m a big nerd who loves school. But, as most of you don’t know me personally, you will, over time, be exposed to my nerdy side through words.


Why did I decide on Ecohealth? Am I some activist? No. Am I very environmentally aware and a good recycler, and so on? Not really. I just find the holistic view of Ecohealth mesmerizing. How much has been forgotten and revived through this field of study is remarkable. The world searches for global sustainability, while I myself am searching for my own form of sustainability. To encompass my own health through mind, body and spirit. I’m not a hippie. Nor am I much different from the average university student working summers to pay for an education. But imagine seeing the world from an ecohealth perspective, and how that can affect your individual health!

Example time: Dominique Charron (2012) Ecosystems Approaches to Health for a Global Sustainability Agenda

Ecohealth project explored mercury contamination in the Tapajos River in Brazil thought to be due to gold mining upstream. Exploration from all angles showed that mercury was leaching from deforested soils affecting a much larger area than presumed. Downstream populations thus had to learn the threats they had when consuming fish…they could eat nuts and berries containing selenium to help offset the threats. A framework was made, using many perspectives, and strategies formed to allow continued fish consumption, while limiting heavily contaminated species.

The example above can help you think about Ecohealth in practice. Now I’ve created an example from my life, where I can take this framework and perspectives, holistic approach, to solve a problem:

I have a boyfriend, almost 10 months together. And I get paranoid…having not been in a longterm relationship for quite some time, I find myself getting jealous or just overthinking a lot of everything…c’mon ladies…ruminating about how he could be looking at the waitress while he’s out at dinner with his parents, that’s pretty extreme. But I’ve thought that, in all honesty, and it’s become bothersome in my everyday life. That’s where I take this ecohealth holistic approach to reduce my paranoia, jealousy, and overall stress. I spoke with my boyfriend about how I was feeling. Then I spoke with my best friend, for another perspective. Then I sat in my own thoughts and still couldn’t come up with a very good solution to the issue. I spoke with a few more of my friends, and repeatedly talked to my boyfriend (to which he thinks I’m absurd for thinking these things, but hey, I think that too!). So I finally talked it out and thought about it enough to find a solution; STOP talking about it. By finding many perspectives, I realized I was increasing my thoughts of jealousy by always bringing them up. I didn’t necessarily remove the issue. I just found a way to deal with it…if I avoid talking about it to people, having heard their perspectives on it, I found that was all I needed. Like the contaminated fish, those thoughts are still in my mind…I just fish for the less contaminated thoughts.

So with any life journey, take from it what you find most relevant to your life. Ecohealth reminds me to look at the larger picture, and from there, I should be able to find an answer.

Before I finish, I’d like to take a moment for the fisherman, gold miners, boyfriends, and crazy girlfriends out in the world. Annnnnd moment done.


Fresh Start.

2013. New year, new resolutions. Eat better. Exercise more. Take more risks. Gain self-confidence. Find true love… So generic. Yet I find myself basing my New Year goals around these themes. Just like every other girl my age. But I’d like to phrase my goals in a slightly different way.

Be consciously aware of what you put into your body. Avoid rumination and maintain good health by playing a sport I’ve always loved. Be ready to face a hard semester of classes, research, volunteering, and whatever else life throws at you. Stop questioning your abilities and just roll with it…if you forget you’re beautiful, then how will you every truly accept that you are? And finally…put in as much effort as you seem fit in the current relationship, with hopes that it will all pay off in the end. It’s not about finding true love from just a man, but loving yourself too.


Step number 1 to achieving these goals this year: resist the urge to fear. The weak break the easiest. Be strong, or at least pretend (with hopes that your pretending will lead to actualization).

Step number 2: have fun. Study time is study time. Relaxation time is relaxation time, and so on. When it’s time to joke around and be playful, forget the other stresses until necessary. Living in the moment requires the ability to segregate the everyday stresses in life from the adventures.

And last, but not least, step number 3: if you don’t love it, leave it. If any of the above goals turn out to be a waste of time, or a path leading to failure, bail. I have learned over the years that a goal can only be achieved if you put in equal amounts of effort and passion. Without effort, you will not succeed. Without passion, you may succeed, but it won’t have a significant impact on you and your life…so why waste your precious time? Go big or go home.

I sure love the sweet smell of success. My success, or the success of my friends and family. How rewarding it is to see someone glowing at the fact that they were triumphant, that they proved to provide enough effort and passion to compete their goals…sharing a moment like that with someone is a reminder of how important it is for us to support one another. How success should be regarded and rewarded in some way. A brief high-five, maybe a quick compliment…it all counts!


So Happy New Year to you all. Good luck with your New Year resolutions. Remember to reward yourself, and others.


Know it.